SEO Strategy

Monroe SEO hones in on your goals, devising an SEO strategy built to win.

Social Media Marketing

Bring your brand’s personality to life, engage with your audience and generate quality leads. Build visibility, credibility, and sustainability.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising is our bread and butter. We love to promote brands, generate them leads and grow their businesses.

If you are a business owner reading this, you are more than likely looking for an SEO service. That is because our team optimized this website to rank for specific keywords that we know our customers are searching for.

Getting to the top of Google isn’t easy. Google is a massive company that invest billions of dollars into research and development to prevent people from being able to manipulate their search results. They are constantly refining their algorithm and every year it gets harder to do SEO.

Why Monroe SEO is Different

SEO companies are everywhere and if you’re getting cold calls or emails from SEO companies, that is the first red flag you should look out for. As an SEO company, they should be generating their leads through inbound marketing. If they cannot do it for themselves, how do you expect them to do it for you, as a client?

It is absolutely crucial for an SEO company to have a process or approach to their service offering. The fact of the matter is, no one can be as passionate about your business as you; however, at Monroe SEO one thing is for sure- We are all passionate about SEO and watching our clients grow. That is a requirement to be on our team.

How long does it take to get ranked?

We get this question on almost every engagement. The length of time it takes to get ranked varies based on keyword difficulty and competition. In general, we set the expectation with each client to expect results in no less than three months. SEO is a long term investment, much like investing in the market. As you invest over time, your gains become greater and greater. Eventually, you end up with a fully sustainable lead generation platform that never goes away.

How long do results last?

Our SEO methodologies don’t allow for corner-cutting. Every page of content written, link built and page optimized is done with a careful, meticulous approach.

The SEO practices we use are considered high quality and we have a handful of fortune 500 clients that can attest to our claims.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO done right can be somewhat expensive. Our pricing starts at $1,500 for basic SEO and goes up from there. This is because every project that we take on requires a project manager, a content writer, developer, and SEO specialist. We hire qualified experts who know their craft so that every one of our clients garners the best possible results.